Monday, 11 June 2018

Why Are We Afraid Of Making Mistakes?

 It's not uncommon to be afraid of making mistakes. We all make mistakes and sometimes the consequences are very unpleasant. That's why we tend to avoid doing things that can make us fail.

  We should not be afraid to make mistakes, because we can learn from our mistakes. Learning from mistakes is not a cause for doing mistakes. Our life is not a trial and error game, we have to study and learn to avoid mistakes as much as we can especially ignorance mistakes. Mistakes help us to develop our future.

   Making a mistake and learning from it doesn’t makes you a failure, you learned something from that mistakes. Do big mistakes and learn from them. Do it enough, that you started to relax and realize that there is no such thing like failure. There is just life, and that's your life.

   Learn from your own mistakes, and learn from other people's mistakes as well. The more you can learn about life, the more experience you can gain. It will become much easier to make decisions and enjoy life the way that you should. We should do mistakes than at a point we will be success by seeing our past mistakes.  

   We should also correct others mistakes with love and in a nice manner we should not punish them for example: when we were learning to talk, we made "mistakes" and pronounced everything wrong but when we were corrected that was made with love, not punishment. We should not be afraid of our mistakes , we should make mistakes and work on those mistakes.

Monday, 25 December 2017

 Nothing will change unless YOU

One of the great lessons of life is that nothing will change unless YOU change. Nothing will get better unless YOU get better, it’s not about circumstance its not about luck. We all get the good and the bad we all get the challenging events that arrive in our daily life that’s a normal part of being human I’m talking about what you CHOOSE to do with those circumstances if you are waiting for the economy to change, if you are waiting for your paycheck to change, waiting for your relationship to change, waiting for someone to change. NOTHING WILL CHANGE if you want change. YOU MUST CHANGE YOURSELF. When you change everything will change for you, if you want better YOU must be better, and when YOU get better your life will get better, you must work on yourself more than you work on anything else, you must add more value to others than anyone
else does take a step back and then look at your life closely what can you improve? Be honest with yourself, in every area of your life what can you improve? If you are being honest there will be many areas you could be improve if not: than you are either not a human, or you are lying to yourself.Commit to work on improving those areas. Remove everything unimportant form your life and that could get your sidetracked from your GOALS and PURPOSE anything that takes you away from your life you want ELIMINATE IT. It might be people in your life, it might be un healthy habits you should know what it is, be honest with your life, THIS IS YOUR LIFE, we are talking about nothing is more important, be honest with yourself, be strong. Have the courage, to live the life YOU want to live, regardless of what anyone else thinks, Nothing will change unless YOU change, nothing will get better unless you get better, it’s all about you and your life. The road to success is really hard, but it isn’t even impossible unless you quit, show your real character, and one day the others will speak of you. YOU the winner, You the champion the one who didn’t QUIT, the one who fought back, fought with the HEART, with COURAGE. Decide right now this is it, I WILL TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW, I AM GOING TO SET OUT MY LIFE, to WIN. All things that take me further away from the life I want: POSITIVE daily habit, committed to be better EVERYDAY, I will receive BETTER. Because I will BE BETTER. I will get change because, I will CHANGE.



Thursday, 7 September 2017

They said I couldn’t
They said I wouldn’t
I said: WATCH ME

They said I couldn’t .They said I wouldn’t .They said they didn’t believe in me. They said I couldn’t because of my circumstances, I couldn’t because of my past. Because it hadn’t been done before. I said: SO WHAT you can complain and remain the same or you can DECIDE, COMMIT and work towards becoming someone that NO ONE thought you could be. You can make all the excuses in the world. We’ve heard them all. But those that get on it life leave the excuses and look for the POSSIBILITIES you might have had it tough. You might have had it real tough. But it didn’t getting any better if you LIVE there. You have to drop the little story and work towards your MASTERPIECE. You see it so often: story of those with almost identical, painful life circumstances. One chooses to live in the pain forever repeating the reasons why they can’t succeed why they can’t move on. The other: Uses the pain as their REASON WHY they MUST CHANGE. THEY USE THEIR PAIN AS STRENGTH. They use the people who don’t believe in them as MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED not a reason why they can’t. When things don’t go their way they don’t say “Why me” ? They say: SO WHAT They say: TRY ME. When things don’t go their way THEY KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Your family isn’t perfect: SO WHAT ,you failed in your past: SO WHAT ,you didn’t get to go to college: SO WHAT ,you don’t know where to start: SO WHAT ,someone did wrong to you: SO WHAT. Most people think to see that life is against them somehow, very few understand life is CHALLENGING that is all. I ACCEPT life’s challenge. I plan to work on myself so I can win. NOT JUST ONE DAY, BUT EVERY DAY. So what they don’t believe in you. You don’t need them to believe in you. They are not doing the work YOU ARE. They are not going and learning YOU ARE. They are not committed to your dream YOU ARE. They are not even love with your vision YOU ARE .They don’t define your success YOU DO.  

Friday, 28 July 2017

The History and importance of Quran.
(Part 2)

Under the first Khalifa, Hazrat Abu Bakr: At that time of Prophet ﷺ death no official copy of Quran was published. During the Khalifa of Hazrat Abu Bakr some people in the country announced themselves to be Prophets. Hazrat Abu Bakr send a war against him and many companions who had committed the Holy Quran to memory were martyred in that battle, known as the battle of Yamamah. Hazrat Umar realized that those who had memorized the Quran would gradually depart from the world. Hazrat Umar suggested to Hazrat Abu Bakr that the Quran should be compiled. A commission was appointed headed by Zaid Bin Sabit. Zaid Bin Sabit was not content just finding a written piece of Quran. He also make sure it from those people who had heard it from the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

Under the third Khalifa, Hazrat Usman: The Khilafat of Hazrat Umar saw a phase of different conquests. Hazrat Usman obtain the copy of the Quran prepared by Zaid Bin Sabit from Hazrat Hafsa. He appointed Zaid Bin Sabit along with three knowledgeable Muslims who assisted to make copies of Quran. They were told to follow the rules of Quraish in case of differences over the languages. Than these copies were published to capital city of every province of Muslim state. The Quran that is being read these days is the same as in the time of Hazrat Abu Bakr.

Use of Quran in legal thinking: Islam is built on a foundation of faith, but it’s large held together by the force of law which is based upon submission to Divine Will. In the other words, it is Allah whose Will is primary source of law in Muslim society. The Quran is an important law according to which he wants a Muslim to live both in his private and social life. It provides for him the knowledge of right and wrong. The Quranic law deals with beliefs. The Quran lays down rules and regulation related to social life. The law of war deals with distribution. On social matters, it deals with marriage and divorce etc. The Quran lays down regulations for a distribution of wealth. Some Quranic laws were brought in for effecting social reforms. It is creator who knows the nature and need of his creation.    

Significance of Quran as the basic of all thought and action in Islam: The Holy Quran is a sacred and unique book revealed by Allah, and it’s not a normal book. It guides us for a right path. The central theme and subject which runs through the Quran is the action of man as Allah’s vicegerent. The Quran contains an official for the head of the states as well as a common man. The Quran lays down rules and regulation related to social life. It matters to religion, the Quran talks about the pillars of Islam. The Holy Quran also offers solutions to the most difficult problems of life. The Quran provides laws that govern war which deals with the distribution of booty. The Quran is basically a unique book of guidance.

Tafsir: The Arabic word Tafsir is derived from Fasara which means to explain, to open, to unveil or to discover something hidden. Tafsir consist of explaining difficult words. The best tafsir of a verse of Quran is usually given in Quran itself. In Quran there are ayats whose meaning is manifest and which from the basis of book. The Quran also takes oaths of many things. Tafsir is even based upon the tradition of Holy Prophet.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The History and importance of the Quran.

The History and importance of the Quran.
(Part 1)

Introduction: The Quran is the book of Muslims. The word Quran is mentioned in the book itself. The Quran was not as a complete book nor did Allah hand over a written copy to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The Quran is divided into 114 chapters, and there are different lengths of Surah’s.

Characteristics of Holy Quran: The Holy Quran is the greatest gift of Allah to mankind. Its purpose is to guide us on a straight path. Allah speaks of Quran as a spirit of life. Allah has perfected his religion for all mankind from this book. The Holy Quran is a complete and comprehensive book. The Quran is the guide of Muslims, and deal with them in such a way of life. The Quran pays attention to all the needs of Muslims, and deal with them in such a way to help them. Quran is a unique book a quality which no other book of any kind can claim.

Makki and Madni Surah’s: The revelation to the Quran to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was started during the month of Ramadan. The revelation was continued in Makkah and Madinah for 23 years. The Surah’s of Holy Quran are Makki and Madni according to the period of their revelation. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ lived for the first 13 years on his mission at Makkah. He moved to Madinah and all Surah’s was revealed during the 10 years of his life. The Makki Surah’s are generally in brief and Madni Surah’s contain social duties.

Revelation of the Quran between 610 and 632 A.D: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ recited this verse after the angel and the words was imprinted on his mind. This was the first beginning of Prophet hood of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this mostly Hazrat Jibrael revelation to him. From this time onwards, that is 610 A.D the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ continued to receive revelations throughout the rest of his life. The Quran was revealed in portions but it did not remain long in that condition. The Quran was written on this and flat tables of stone, wood, branches of palm tree, bones of camels and goats and on piece of leather. It was the practice of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to recite loudly the text of the Quran.

To be Continued- - - -


Monday, 8 May 2017

Interview with Journalist.

Interview with journalist at
(Karachi Literature Festival)

Q: Why did you choose journalism as your profession?
   I used to do programs on radio as (RJ) and after completing my masters in Journalism and having a background in the same field ,I decided to continue in same field as I was getting job offers from different TV channels. More importantly I liked what I am doing.
    I am currently working with “NEWSONE”. Having worked in the entertainment industry ,I got different experience working for a news channel .I did talk shows ,documentaries ,was given “TVONE” projects. Getting expose to  different areas ,my interest to words my job started to increase and I loved what I was doing and it finally became my passion .I worked really hard day and night ,in the end I got a good result .

Q: What failures did you face while working towards your profession?
  As such ,I did not face any failures but I got late progression but I did not change my field if I would have changed my field I wouldn’t  be here where I am right now.

Q: Would you like to give any advice related to choosing profession or any general advice you would like to give?
   First of all you should be focused on what you want to do .Once you are focused on staying in that field ,you should remain in that field and you will see achievements and progression in that field.
   One more advice I would like to give you that you should work with passion not only for earning.

Interview of “Rubina”- Program producer news one

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What are snakes?

Snakes are strange animals on our planet Earth. Snakes are reptiles and they belong to the family of lizards. They do not have legs and yet they can move fast along the ground and swim in water. They have muscles in their body which help them to move in different directions. Their skin is hard and glossy to reduce friction as they crawl along the ground. There are countless species of snakes found in different sizes and colors. Their skin has colorful patterns on it which helps them hide from enemies.

Snakes often live in deserted places on the ground. Some live in trees and some live in water. A snake’s diet usually consists of small insects and animals such as frog, mine and lizards or even other snakes. Some snakes catch birds or eat their eggs and chicks. Long snakes like Anacondas can eat small crocodiles or even a wild boar. Snakes are generally perceived as being dangerous yet very few of them are poisonous. Many species are harmless and some people keep them as a pet.

Why Are We Afraid Of Making Mistakes?

  It's not uncommon to be afraid of making mistakes. We all make mistakes and sometimes the consequences are very unpleasant. That'...